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This was a neat game, the controls could be tighter though. Like it was frustrating how perfectly i had to be positioned doing nothing else to climb up a ladder. Other then that it was enjoyable with some nice art and sound.

Why are the obstacles the same colour as the background!?

gamenet responds:

I made them a bit darker. You should be able to tell the difference now?

So much fun! Love this bullet hell of a game!

The art style is inconsistent and most is obviously not your own (cough cough rpg maker assets) game doesn't feel good: character moves slow and doesn't stop moving when you let go of the key. Game just crashed and theres no way to get back to the (cough cough) "game". Overall it's just not a well made game.

Mmgamer01Playz responds:

What? RPG Maker?

Really nice physics when the blocks and monsters fall. Stylistically its very appealing to look at and throwing the ball is satisfying. But having a line telling me where the ball would go would've made it better if you ask me. Don't know if it was purposely avoided to raise the difficulty but without it, it's sort of a guessing game with slight estimations of where the ball would go. It also makes it harder as I can't control the height and power separately, by pulling the ball up or down. The further I pull it the higher it gets, didn't make me feel like I had much control and was more trial and error. Love the designs though keep it up!

I don't know why, but I love this game! It's so calm and tranquil. So obsessed with it, takes away the stress in life... so yeah cool game!

Neat game, decent pixel art and level design. The controls were not precise. The controls needed more...control!? I get it's probably the stencyl pre-set of run and jump, but they're bad, so try tweaking them to make them feel better. Also level 9 was just a bunch of pillars, wouldn't constitute that as level design. And level 12 as too many leaps of faiths. Still, nice game and keep it up.

Love it! Great game with well thought out level design. And for what it was it was very well made. The game never felt like it was getting boring with the challenge increasing, and the ending was very nifty. Simple but cute pixel art with a fitting song. I look forward to more content coming out of you in the future.

hexdie responds:

Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear your point about the level design, as this was my first jump into really working with it. I'm glad you liked it! More games will be coming in the future.

"Played" it for 10 minutes, left the game on for the day, 200K. This is dumb, art was good though!

Repetitive and tedious but neat. The art and sounds were the only thing that was good, the game play was boring, thoughtless and a good exercise for my wrist at least. Overall it was all shmeh because of the sword swinging mechanic which was neat...for like a minute, maybe could've done more with it instead of adding more enemies, that took longer to kill, to increase the tediousness. And Jesus that guy takes a long time to get up!

This sites okay, I GUESS!

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