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Your able to tell stories visually really well, the colors and movements were all very exciting and engaging to watch, very nice and fluid!

This was really fun to watch, keep up this great quality in animation and writing. The sound mixing was little off though...yeah besides that I love this, I love you...great

When I first saw this I thought, "not another pokemon go cartoon" but now that i've watched it, its easily the best and funniest one i've seen, great faces and...aaarrt. But yeah overall I lol'ed in my pants and now theres a mess!

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This was a neat game, the controls could be tighter though. Like it was frustrating how perfectly i had to be positioned doing nothing else to climb up a ladder. Other then that it was enjoyable with some nice art and sound.

Why are the obstacles the same colour as the background!?

gamenet responds:

I made them a bit darker. You should be able to tell the difference now?

So much fun! Love this bullet hell of a game!

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Great pixel art as always, nice colors and...pixels, but sombra's face looks weird...janky is the word i'd use to describe it, but overall phenomenal work as always man!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

I tried my best while looking at reference.

DUDE! I like regular show toooo! But also I really like your colours and line art...and also nice art, its like your style but it stays true to the original character designs...GUD JOB BRO!

Hey man, I like your work and this has good form and is layed out well and all with some nice colors but you got airbag titties going on, they should be more like teardrops or sandbags, I'd say practice HAWT TATS!...but yeah keep it up dude I like yo shizz anyways.

Twisted4000 responds:

Yeah, I know how to draw them correctly which I have in most of my pictures, but i suppose this time they're not exactly correct, lol I guess it was just the whole "bubbly, fun" sort of look I was going for. But yes either way, thanks for the pointer.

This sites okay, I GUESS!

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